10 Reasons You Should Be Watching En Otra Piel/In Her Skin

En Otra Piel. A fantastic gem of a Spanish telenovela currently airing on SBS (as Part of Me and/or In Her Skin) with all the previous episodes available at SBS On Demand. Produced by Telemundo  (an American Spanish-language television network) the basic plot centres around two women – 53-year-old famous pianist Monica from LA and 20-something waitress Adriana from Mexico City. Both die and somehow, through a bunch of bizarre circumstances involving a ‘talisman’, Monica’s soul ends up taking over Adriana’s body (while Adriana’s soul is wandering around lost apparently).

Monica Serrano in Monica Serrano's body and Monica Serrano in Adriana Aguilar's body.

Monica Serrano in Monica Serrano’s body and Monica Serrano in Adriana Aguilar’s body. Source 


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