The Best Podcasts of 2017

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When I can’t be bopping around to music (i.e. at my desk at work), or I need a break from singing along super loudly (in my car), my go-to form of entertainment is listening to a podcast. There’s a podcast out there for everyone, but here’s the ones that have kept me coming back week after week in 2017.


Boredom Buster: Podcasts To Keep Life Interesting

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Fed up with listening to the radio during my peak hour commute (lame jokes, too many ads, not enough music), I have recently started listening to podcasts. I feel like I am majorly late to the podcast party. The little purple icon has been on my iPhone since … well, three iPhones ago, and I never bothered to open the app. And now I have, my list of things to listen to grows and grows. There is a treasure trove of interesting stuff behind that purple square!