How to Host a BTS Comeback Party

BTS Comeback Party


Annyeonghaseyo ARMY!

We are all anxiously waiting for BTS to release the final part in their Love Yourself series, ‘Love Yourself: Answer’, this Friday the 24 August.

The release of the album’s comeback trailer ‘Epiphany’ last week exceeded all expectations and we are all counting down the days until we have more new music, more music videos and answers to the narrative that has been weaved into BTS’ work through a variety of platforms (music videos, trailers, notes, etc.) since 2016.

If you’re lucky enough to have friends that are also BTS fans, the comeback is a great chance to gather around and share the crazy rollercoaster ride of emotions that is a BTS comeback. If you currently don’t have any friends in your real life who are fans, I would strongly suggest that you start converting them ASAP.

I’ve put together a guide on how to host your own BTS comeback party. Let’s get it!


Riverdale is Nothing Like Archie Comics and It’s Okay

Riverdale The CW Netflix Archie Comics Adaptation

The first episode of Riverdale, the teen drama based on the Archie Comics, aired last week. As a longtime fan and collector of the original comic books, I was pumped to hear it had been revived again (there have already been several film and TV adaptations). The wholesome and lovable characters that I knew were coming to the small screen! But after I watched the first teaser trailer, I realised that it wasn’t going to be anything like the soda-pops-and-sock-hops-world that I was expecting….and that was okay.


TV Tunes: The Vampire Diaries

TV Tunes

If you’re looking for new music then look no further than The Vampire Diaries. Yes, you heard that right, The Vampire Diaries. Weird as it sounds, it has the best music going around and I have found so many tunes from tuning in every week. My playlist is now clocking in at 75 songs and the show hasn’t even finished yet!


The Vending Machine: Pretty Little Liars, Bacon Delivery and Instant Snow

Vending Machine








The Vending Machine dispenses tasty internet snacks to satisfy your taste for junk at the end of a long working week!


TV Tunes: Alias

There’s no better way to find new music then through TV shows. Come to think of it, that’s where most of the music on my iPod comes from. Not only are you introduced to amazing new artists, but every time you hear the song you are immediately transported to that scene when it was playing.

I’m in awe of the people who choose these songs…do they literally know every single song in the world? Do they spend their days just listening to music? If so how do I get this job?

So for this inaugural post, what better show to start with than the show that first opened my eyes to TV tunes: Alias.