Plastic Free July Week 3 Recap

We are well and truly over the half-way mark for Plastic Free July, and what I am realising is the longer you do this challenge the easier it gets. This week saw new plastic-free purchases, some unwelcome incoming plastic, and a bulk store shopping excursion. Read on for all the details.

Shop smarter

Plastic Free July

In my research to go plastic-free I came across this absolute gem of a website by Bea Johnson –  who is THE zero waste guru. There’s an app on that website that allows you to search for bulk stores in your area. It’s how I came across The Source Bulk Foods, which is where I went this week to fill up a container of oats. You might be wondering how this all works. It’s really simple. You take your container in, someone will weigh it for you – this is known as the tare – and then you fill your container, and the tare is taken away at the end. So you only pay for the weight of the contents.

There’s so many yummy goodies to buy. If you don’t have a container or a jar, don’t stress. There’s paper bags, as well as jars and bottles to purchase. I also got a refillable bottle of organic maple syrup, some popcorn kernels, and some chocolate-coated dried blueberries. You can even churn your own peanut butter. So I would highly recommend checking out what’s available in your local area. You might not be able to get everything you need there, but every little bit helps.

New things

I’m definitely not advocating throwing all your plastic containers and things out – try and use them as much as you can before you get rid of them! But making some plastic-free investments can be necessary. I needed some more food storage containers for when I freeze leftovers etc. So instead of buying more plastic, I ordered some Glasslock containers. These do have BPA-free plastic lids, but the rest is glass. And they’re microwave and freezer-safe, plus oven safe minus the lid. So I feel safe knowing no plastic nasties are seeping into my food. Plus the glass won’t absorb the colours and smells of the food I’m putting in there!

Use your social media

Don’t be shy about sharing your journey on social media. The more you tell others about what you’re doing, the more likely they are going to think about their own plastic habits while they’re out and about. Also, take the opportunity to follow accounts that are participating in Plastic Free July, or are active in climate change initiatives – it’s a great way to get advice, tips and ideas. It can be overwhelming trying to give up plastic, but seeing so many other people out there who have already successfully ditched plastic, or even gone zero waste, can help you get there. My top Facebook recommendations are:

Not on Facebook? Most of these accounts are on Instagram too!

incoming plastic

  • Those awesome Glasslock containers came in a carboard box, but then each container had a random sheet of plastic between the lid and the container. Why? WHY?
  • I was using a super old food processor that struggled a bit with my Nutella-making, so I ordered a new one (the old has gone to my sister, not to landfill, don’t worry!). Anyway, I swear every single possible thing in the box came in its own plastic bag. I’ve put that all in the REDCycle bin at Coles, but it just makes you feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle sometimes.

outgoing plastic

Plastic Free July

  • I said my farewells to my usual plastic-wrapped Quilton toilet paper, and welcomed by Who Gives a Crap toilet paper. This stuff is great!! It costs the same as Quilton, it gets delivered to your doorstep, it’s made from recycled paper, it’s wrapped in paper, and honestly, toilet paper has never looked so good! I just had their limited edition Bathroom Poetry range delivered and had a great time arranging it! 🙂
  • A plastic bag of slivered almonds, and a plastic bag of rice. So many plastic bags!
  • Speaking of plastic bags, I am fast approaching the end of my plastic shopping bag/bin liner supply. So stay tuned for next week.




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