The Love List: October 2016


Drink me, eat me, watch me…here’s what’s on the list of things I’ve been loving for October!

Drink MeStarbucks

Pumpkin Spice Latte fever has finally made it to Australia. We have been lucky/unlucky enough to still be experiencing winter temperatures in Melbourne, even though we are halfway through spring, so sipping on this delicious cinnamon-y goodness has been perfection. Get in quick though – the Cactus Pop team were in the Melbourne CBD this weekend and the Starbucks at Southern Cross had already stopped serving it! And the replacement “novelty” drink – a hazelnut caramel mocha – just wasn’t as nice. *sob*


Eat Me

I am a cereal-for-breakfast girl. In fact, I’m a cereal-for-lunch-and-dinner-sometimes girl too. And in my efforts to be healthy I have given up on my more sugary preferences and gone for the healthy staple – Weetbix. Honestly … it can border on a bit bland, so I like to dress mine up with a handful of blueberries and a sprinkle of goji berries. And it’s a winning combination for me!

watch me/Support Me

I recently watched the documentary The True Cost (currently available on Netflix). It’s all about the impact of fast fashion on garment workers in countries like Bangladesh, India and Cambodia, as well as on the environment. And I was unexpectedly emotional.

I was expecting a documentary about how many items of clothing we waste each year and maybe a bit about consumerism. And I got that. But it was also about the absolutely heartbreaking stories of the workers themselves who earn zilch just so we can buy that cheap top from that chain store. I also wasn’t expecting the deaths of people that work in the garment industry, and in the plantations that grow the fibres that make our clothes. I’m even choking up as I type this, thinking about how horrifying it was. And it really has made me seriously think about how I am going to shop in the future and how important it is to ask #whomademyclothes.

I have gone a step further and downloaded the Good On You app, which allows you to search for stores in your area and review their ethical rating. Definitely worth a download! I’ve also signed up for updates at Fashion Revolution and would encourage everyone else to do the same.

Watch the trailer for The True Cost below:

Me time

Headspace app

As you will know from my post about going screen-free, I am trying to inject a little mindfulness in my life. My next step has been downloading the Headspace app. I got the idea after watching Camille Rowe’s What on Earth is Wellness? series by British Vogue. Camille visited the Headspace headquarters and interviewed the creator, Andy Puddicombe, and I was so inspired I downloaded the app straight away. You can download it for free and have access to their Take 10 series of meditation. I did this every night before bed and slept so well. In the end I enjoyed it so much I signed up for a 3-month deal advertised on their Facebook page, and haven’t looked back. Each meditation is only 10 minutes long – it’s the perfect amount of time to be able to work into your day (and make it a habit). I’ve also taken to listening to their podcast about the effects being mindful can have, not only on your own happiness and mental state, but how it can positively affect those around you, too. And I can say it has inspired me and made me feel really good. So I am looking forward to reaping more benefits from longer-term practice.

What things have you been loving this month? Drop us a comment below.



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