Every Bughead Scene – Part 3

It’s been a long five month wait but season 2 of Riverdale finally airs this week! To help you remember where we left off with Betty and Jughead last season, we’ve compiled a list of every Bughead scene of season 1 (with GIFS)! This post is Part 3 and covers Chapter Ten to Chapter Thirteen. If you haven’t already, check out Every Bughead Scene – Part 1 and Every Bughead Scene – Part 2. Are you ready to relive Jughead’s birthday roller coaster and that kitchen counter scene? Let’s go!

Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend

Betty joins Jughead at the Bijou movie theatre for his birthday double feature.

Betty Jughead movies Bijou

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The gang surprises Jughead with a party at Archie’s.

Betty sings a “haunting” Happy Birthday to Jughead.

betty jughead cake singing

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Jughead isn’t happy about the surprise party.

Jughead Betty birthday

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Betty and Jughead have their first fight.

Betty Jughead Bughead fight 1x10

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The gang is roped into a game of Truth or Dare.

Betty Jughead party truth or dare Chuck

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Source: riverrdxle

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Jughead and Betty confide in each other at Pop’s.

Deleted scene: Jughead opens his birthday present from F.P.

Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale and Back Again

Jughead is excited about the pre-dance dinner with their families.

The awkward family dinner at the Cooper’s.

F.P. tells Jughead that they’re moving to Toledo.

Jughead tells Betty they need to talk.

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Betty and Jughead watch Archie and Veronica perform.

Betty reveals Alice’s plan to Jughead and the gang finds out F.P. has been arrested.

Chapter Twelve: Anatomy of a Murder

The gang apologise to Jughead at Pop’s and tell him about the gun.

Betty waits for Jughead outside Weatherbee’s office and tries to defend F.P.

Jughead calls Betty to tell her she was right.

Bughead go back to the murder board at the Blue and Gold and Alice reveals another body has been found.

Kevin, Betty and Jughead go to the old highway maple syrup sign.

Betty finds the USB flash drive in Jason’s varsity jacket and the gang watch the recording.

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Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter

The gang has lunch in the cafeteria and Archie and Veronica reveal that they’re together.

Betty’s locker is vandalised.

Jughead and Betty walk through the snowy cemetery.

Jughead calls Betty from Southside High.

Archie, Betty and Veronica find Jughead in the Southside High school cafeteria.

Bughead cafeteria

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Betty and Jughead talk outside Southside High.

Cheryls’ rescue.

Bughead Ice Snow

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Jughead listens to Betty’s speech from the doorway.

Deleted scene: The Coopers offer to be Jughead’s guardians.

Bughead Deleted Scene

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Deleted Scene Bughead

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The gang celebrate at Pop’s.

Deleted scene: Extended Pop’s celebrations.

Betty and Jughead confess their love for each other.

Bughead 1x13

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Bughead’s kitchen make out session!

Betty watches Jughead put on a Serpent jacket.

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And that’s a wrap for Bughead in season 1 of Riverdale! What a wild ride. I can’t wait to see what is in store for our favourite couple in season 2.


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