Every Bughead Scene – Part 2

You’re probably counting down the days until season 2, right? It’s less than three months to go now! They’ve already filmed at least 5 episodes and I’m trying to avoid spoilers but seriously, I’m not trying very hard. Let’s jump into Part 2 of every Bughead scene in season 1 (Chapter Seven to Chapter Nine)! Click on the descriptions to watch the scenes.

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Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place

Jughead’s kooky vintage dinner party dream.

Jughead comforts Betty while she tells the gang about Polly.

Betty and Jughead instruct the search party.

Jughead walks Betty home in the rain.


Jughead is taken away by Sheriff Keller.

Jughead and Betty talk at the Sheriff’s Station.

Jughead is released and leaves with Betty.

Chapter Eight: The Outsiders

Veronica calls Jughead Betty’s boyfriend.

Betty and Jughead discuss Moose’s attack.

Jughead carries a cake tower at Polly’s baby shower.

Archie reveals Jughead’s dad is a Serpent.

Jughead apologises to Betty for hiding the truth about FP.



Betty and Jughead question FP about Jason.

Betty tells Jughead she believes him. 

Chapter Nine: La Grande Illusion

Betty and Jughead get interrupted by Alice.

Jughead and Betty listen to Archie discuss his new music opportunity.


Betty and Jughead confront Cheryl about Polly.

Betty is upset about her family drama and Jughead comforts her.



Jughead and Betty ask Alice to come work at the Blue and Gold.

Archie, Betty and Jughead discuss Hiram being the latest suspect.


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