Review: Something About You by Julie James


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Title: Something About You (FBI/Attorney #1)

 Author: Julie James

 What’s it about?

FBI; Special Agent; US Attorney; crime; sexual tension; romance

 Location: Chicago



Will I keep turning the page?
It doesn’t even matter what the plot of this book is. Ok fine. It does matter. But my point is, Jack Pallas. “Sex-in-a-shoulder-harness”-Jack-Pallas. Out of the Julie James heroes so far, he is the top of my list. But more on him later.

The plot, actually, is really good. Action-packed and entertaining. You’ve got Assistant US Attorney Cameron Lynde who is, for all intents and purposes, witness to a murder. Then you’ve got Jack Pallas, the FBI Special Agent assigned to the investigation and to Cameron’s protection.

There’s a fun supporting cast of characters (read this and try and tell me you didn’t love Jack’s partner Sam Wilkins), and enough of a crime investigation bubbling away to keep the story moving. I was totally engaged from page one.

Who’s who?

Cameron Lynde: She’s the Assistant US Attorney and she’s kind of awesome. Julie James writes these cool, powerful, career-driven female characters and what I love is, they are quite happy looking after themselves. And you don’t get to the end of the book and feel like as soon as the guy swoops in they forget who they are. Cameron is staying the night in a hotel and hears a rather loud-and-saucy-something going on in the room next door. Then she hears screams and nothing else. Racing to the peephole in her door she catches sight of a hoodie-wearing man, who has, it turns out, murdered the woman next door. Now front-and-center in a murder investigation, as the sole witness, Cameron falls under the watchful eye of Jack Pallas.

Special Agent Jack Pallas: Described as “sex-in-a-shoulder-harness”, Jack Pallas has the tall, dark, 5 o’clock shadow thing going on. And he growls and he scowls and he’s as no-nonsense as they come. He blames Cameron for a botched criminal investigation years prior. Jack is basically a big softy under the tough exterior (isn’t that what we all want out of a romance novel?) and it’s fun watching him struggle to continue hating Cameron.  He is determined not to forgive her, let alone fall for her. But fall he does!

Romance-o-meter: Hot stuff.

Jack and Cameron’s history means they’re initially rather snarky with each other. They get thrown into each other’s company – sometimes necessary to the investigation and sometimes because I think Jack just can’t help himself. And the resulting sexual tension between them is off the charts. But it’s not just about the sex.

In the interests of full disclosure you need to know something about me: I’m a total sucker for the cute, melt-into-a-puddle moments (the lamer, the better). And in Something About You that moment comes in the form of, *spoiler alert*, Jack sleeping on Cameron’s bedroom floor to make sure she’s ok after a violent incident occurs in her home. *swoon*

Now, don’t get me wrong. This isn’t some sort of damsel in distress moment. Cameron doesn’t spend time swooning over Jack and her lamenting her circumstances. She’s a tough cookie. But this is a pivotal moment where we see the softer side to Jack and how much he really cares about Cameron. And it just heats up from there on.

Anything else?

Something About You is the first in the FBI/Attorney series. I’ve read all in the series to date, and this one is definitely the stand out for me. The fun part is, when you keep reading you will, from time to time, hear about what the future has held for Jack and Cameron.

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