The Best Podcasts of 2017

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When I can’t be bopping around to music (i.e. at my desk at work), or I need a break from singing along super loudly (in my car), my go-to form of entertainment is listening to a podcast. There’s a podcast out there for everyone, but here’s the ones that have kept me coming back week after week in 2017.

Side Hustle School


This is one of my favourite podcasts. If you’ve ever thought about opening up a business on the side, this is the podcast for you. There’s a new episode EVERY DAY and they average about 10 minutes long, so you can easily add it into your daily routine – on your commute, while you’re making coffee in the morning, etc. It’s hosted by Chris Guillebeau (author of The $100 Startup and the newly released, Side Hustle School: From Idea to Income in 27 Days). Each episode details one real-life side hustle example – he takes you through the concept, how the person made it happen, and how much money they are bringing in as a result. It’s definitely motivating, and while I haven’t launched my own side hustle yet, it’s definitely on my mind. Well worth a listen!


Who? Weekly


This is the podcast that has made me laugh the most. If you love your celebrity gossip with a dash of sarcasm (don’t we all?) then you absolutely have to listen to this podcast. It comes out twice a week and is hosted by two writers – Lindsey Webber and Bobby Finger. They’ll tell you all about the Whos (aka, the “celebrities” clogging up your Insta-feed, yet you have know idea who they are or why they’re important) and the Thems (the celebrities you actually know). They also take calls from listeners – and sometimes these are just as funny as the hosts. Plus they occasionally talk about Hallmark movies – one of my favourite thing to watch and then laugh about.


Wardrobe Crisis

podcastPossibly the only time I’ve cried during a podcast so far, has been when listening to an episode of this podcast. Off the back of her book, also titled Wardrobe Crisis (of which I am currently halfway through) comes this podcast about the fashion industry and its ethics. She interviews some amazing people from Laura Wells (fashion model and environmental activist), Linda Jackson (Australian fashion designer), Tim Flannery (scientist, conservationist and writer) and in the episode that made me cry – Kalpona Akter, a former garment worker from Bangladesh. If you’re going to listen to only one episode, I’d highly recommend that one. It’s inspirational, heart-breaking, and will really make you think twice about where you shop and how you shop.


War on Waste

podcastThis podcast continues on from the popular ABC mini-series of the same name. Hosted by Craig Reucassel and Wendy Harmer, each episode focuses on a different theme related to reducing waste – for example composting, reusable coffee cups, mending things etc. It’s really important now to be as educated as we can about climate change and how our throw-away culture contributes to it. So if you’re after some practical tips on how to reduce waste in your life and how to make a simple, yet powerful and positive impact on the environment, give this podcast a go.



podcastHappier with Gretchen Rubin

I dip in and out of this podcast – but I do always come back. Listening to Gretchen (author of The Happiness Project), and her sister Elizabeth (a tv writer and producer) chat throughout this podcast is really relaxing, somehow. The podcast itself is about little things you can do in your day-to-day life to find calm and happiness. It could be anything from doing five star jumps when you’re feeling a bit ho-hum to writing a ‘ta-dah!’ list – i.e. a list that celebrates what you’ve achieved this week, rather than focusing on a to-do list. The episodes average about 40 minutes, but Gretchen also uploads “Little” episodes that are only a couple of minutes long and provide a quick productivity or happiness tip.

What podcasts do you recommend? Drop us a comment below with your recommendations.



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